Window Tinting

Window tinting is an easy cost effective way to change the appearance of your vehicle, enhance privacy and block out unwanted heat and UV rays. It will reduce the glare that enters your cabin space through the glass and assist your vehicle’s air conditioning to maintain a comfortable climate.

In accordance with VicRoads legislation the darkest legal window tint allowed is 35% VLT (Visual light transparency). This can be applied to all windows with the exception of the front windscreen.

Whilst some high volume tinting specialist may seem great value, experience has taught us that many times customer have had interior panels marked or scratched, windows not tinted correctly to the edges, tint not adhering due to improper rushed application and many other issues.

This is why our window tinter is low volume, high quality, using the best tints from around the world from clear 70% VLT (Visual light transparency) tint to block UV rays and some heat to 5% VLT Limo tint blocking virtually everything out.


Privacy Glass

Many luxury vehicles are now being fitted with privacy glass to the rear windows from factory. This is equivalent to a 10-20% VLT window tint meaning according to VicRoads it is illegal, though via ADR’s (Australian Design Regulations) this is perfectly legal.

We understand many people want the front windows to match the rear but you need to acknowledge this will technically classify your vehicle as unroadworthy under VicRoads regulations.

Darker Than Legal

While these are the guidelines for vehicles, we still do stock and can apply darker than legal window tint. However the customer needs to have full knowledge that it is illegal for road use and we hold no liability for any legal repercussions resulting from using this tint. It is for limos, show cars, race cars, and other vehicles not to be used on public roads.

Pricing starts from $300 for a sedan $350 for wagons and SUVs.

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01. Does your tint come with a warranty?

Yes all tinting done via Divine Detailing comes with a lifetime warranty on product and workmanship.

02. How dark can you tint?

We advise not exceeding the legal limit though if requested we can meet your needs though it does require signing a release from any legal implications such as defects or accidents arising from improper vision through the windows.
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