Swissvax® Luxury Treatment

Swissvax is the worlds leading luxury car care brand. Created in 1930 making handmade and hand poured waxes and car care products that out performed competitors and still do today, Swissvax has become the brand to trust when caring for high end, luxury, and custom vehicles.

Swissvax is trusted by and used at the factories of, Bugatti, Lamboghini, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce and Spyker aswell as many classic and prestige car collectors and companies around the world.

Our Swissvax treatment is designed to improve your cars finish on both the interior and exterior using only Swissvax products ensuring the high quality of finish is achieved. From the Swissvax leather conditioner to the pH neutral shampoos and $1500 waxes, this treatment is sure to impress even the most fastidious owners.

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Choose from the following options

Luxury Swissvax Treatment Interior
  • $195 (exterior included - see right)
  • Leather deep cleaned Swissvax pH neutral "Leather Cleaner Forte" & agitated
  • Leather conditioned using Swissvax "Leather Milk"
  • Plastics and vinyl cleaned using Swisvax "Plastic Wash" pH neutral cleaner and agitated with soft brush
  • Plastics and vinyl dressed using Swissvax "Protecton Plastic Restorer"
  • Wood or metal surfaces cleaned appropriately using Swissvax products
  • Wood or metal surfaces sealed using appropriate Swissvax product
  • Dash cleaned with Swissvax "Quick Interior Finish"
  • Q-Tip/brush all nooks and crannies
  • Stereo surround cleaned using Swissvax soft brushes
  • Clean glass using Swissvax "Crystal Glass Cleaner"
  • Cup holders cleaned
  • Luxury perfume applied to interior surfaces
Luxury Swissvax Treatment Exterior
  • $195 (includes interior - see left)
  • 24 Step Luxury Wash Process
  • Pre-soak all surfaces
  • High pressure rinse vehicle
  • Apply snow foam
  • Apply citrus degreaser to lower half of vehicle
  • Hand wash using Swissvax pH neutral “Lavish” shampoo using Two Bucket Method
  • High pressure rinse vehicle
  • Apply Swissvax Acid-free and phosphate-free pH neutral “Wheel Spray Forte” wheels and brake calipers
  • Agitate wheels and caliper to loosen contaminants with wheel woolies and soft brushes
  • High pressure rinse wheels
  • Apply citrus degreaser to badges, grills, and intricate areas
  • Agitate above areas using soft brushes and microfibre mitts
  • High pressure rinses the badges, grills, and intricate areas
  • Apply citrus degreaser to all door and boot jams
  • Agitate all jams with soft brush
  • High pressure rinses all door and boot jams
  • Rinse complete vehicle
  • Dry vehicle using Swissvax “Micro-Dry” microfibre towel
  • Blow dry all cracks and crevices including door jams
  • Apply Swissvax Pneu Satin Conditioner to tires
  • Clean glass using Swissvax “Crystal Glass Cleaner”
  • Polish or clean exhaust tips
  • Apply Swissvax wax to protect body work

01. What is Swissvax?

Swissvax is a high end luxury car care product manufacturer trusted by many luxury and exotic car manufacturers such as; Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, and Bentley.

Opening in 1930 it is also one of the oldest and has perfected their products over the years to a level many companies find untouchable.

02. Why should i get the Swissvax treatment?

We do realise this package is not for everyone. This service is for clients with luxury or exotic cars or have a car that is their true pride and joy.

In either of these situations if you want the best service with the highest quality products to maintain your vehicle/s this is for you.

03. What is different with Swissvax to others?

Unlike ordinary finishes, Swissvax waxes contain no abrasives and can be applied to all paint surfaces, even old nitrocellulose lacquers, modern water-based paint systems and "nano paints". Swissvax uses two components: cleansing oil and wax. The waxes are easy and pleasant to apply and leave no residues on rubber seams or in crevices.
Carnauba is the world's hardest, purest, most transparent and also most expensive natural wax. It is obtained from the upper side of the leaves of the "Copernicia prunifera", a fan palm native to Brazil, and is graded according to colour and clarity. The highest quality is classified as rare grade one carnauba and is used in our waxes. The level of shine increases with the percentage of carnauba used in the wax formulation. While conventional car waxes have a carnauba content of between 3 and 5%, Swissvax formulations contain between 30 and 76% by volume (one of the highest concentrations available on the market).
Unlike ordinary polishes, which simply polish a paint surface to a shine while the lower layers of paint get dryer and "starve", the Swissvax carnauba formulations, enriched with passion fruit, orange, avocado and vanilla oils, restore a deep shine to the paintwork. The result is a deeper, unique "wet look" that so appeals to collectors and car enthusiasts the world over.
Carnauba waxes as such, however, are nothing new. As early as the nineteenth century, waxes containing 100% carnauba wax were being manufactured and applied. Their disadvantage was their poor durability, as 100% pure carnauba wax can simply be rubbed away with the fingers.

04. What is Swissvax's secret

The Swissvax secret lies in the extraordinarily long-lasting carnauba wax formulations, which are created in a manufacturing process using double-walled microparticles that lasts several hours – known as "microencapsulation". The surface morphology and the composition of the microparticles can be studied under an electron microscope or with a Fourier transform infrared spectroscope (FTIR). Results have shown that both concentration content and morphology greatly depend on the wax composition, the protective colloid, the external polymer shell and the organic solvent, which is what in fact makes the wax soluble. The thermophysical characteristics of the waxes are strongly determined by the synthesis conditions, which is why other manufacturers have not so far managed to imitate the long-term qualities of our waxes.
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