Paint Correction

This is the process of removing defects such as; scratches, spider webs. Swirling, bird dropping marks etc. This is done through a process involving abrasives in most cases to take away minute amounts of clear coat or colour coat depending on the car. This allows the service to be releveled at a point below the imperfection therefor removing it and restoring your finish to its former glory or better.

The term paint correction is thrown around a lot in the detailing industry and in laymen’s terms better known as swirl removal, scratch removal, and polishing.

While some companies may use “glazes” which will actually “fill” imperfections and hide them until the glaze is washed away in which you will then see the car in the same state prior to the “detail”, Divine Mobile Detailing offers Melbourne base paint correction services that truly eliminate imperfections.

This is started by thorough inspection of the paint and surfaces, followed by measurements with a state of the art paint depth gauge and finally comparing this with your needs, wants and budget to ensure we can achieve the best possible result for each customer.

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Professional paint correction in 4 easy steps:

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2016 Maserati Ghibli
BMW F80 M3 Jahre
Imola Red F82 BMW M4
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

01. What is paint correction?

Paint correction is an abrasive process using pads, polishes, compounds and some times sanding. It is a process that systematically removes small layers of paint to re-level the finish so no imperfections are present.

02. Do I need paint correction?

Most cars including new cars need paint correction to have them in perfect condition and imperfection free.

The benefit of paint correction is we eliminate as many imperfections as possible depending on budget and how deep the imperfections are. This leaves your car looking the best it can.

As all reputable detailers will tell you, no matter what paint protection or wax you use the biggest difference is a properly corrected car.
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