Overspray Removal

Today there are more and more painters and DIY’ers using spray guns to paint houses, fences, or the likes of and other painting cars or parts in garages.
It’s great to see people giving this a shot and developing technology for different industries, the down side is that we now hear all too often of cars that have been damaged with overspray of all sorts.
Luckily this is something Divine Mobile Detailing can fix, so if you are in the Melbourne area and needing overspray removed from all surfaces paint, glass, or plastic contact us to make a booking. We can also help with the insurance process if need be by providing a report.

Over spray is caused due to air born paint particles in the work of a painting project. This issue is common on construction sites. Cars parked near the painting project are then covered with a fine coating of paint particles usually carried through wind covering cars up to kilometer away.
There’s lots of different types of paint, which can bond to the cars & can’t be removed basically.

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Overspray removal in 4 easy steps:

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Admire your new overspray free finish.
2016 Maserati Ghibli
BMW F80 M3 Jahre
Imola Red F82 BMW M4
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

01. Can you remove overspray from windows and rubbers?

Yes. We can remove overspray from all your vehicles surfaces including glass and rubbers.

02. Can you remove house paint overspray?

Yes. this is unfortunately a common request these days as we see more interior and exterior painting via spray canisters.
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