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Car Paint Protection in Melbourne

Why protect your vehicles paint?

With your vehicle in most cases being your second biggest investment, is it not important to maintain it the best you can? I mean after all you wouldn’t let your house deteriorate or neglect it would you? In addition to that isn’t PREVENTION better than a COSTLY cure?

Our Melbourne based paint protection service offers the best possible protection for your new cars surfaces including; paint, wheels, lights and windows using a product that is far superior to dealership paint protection at a fraction of the cost.
This not only makes taking care of your new cars surfaces easier but protects them from possible damage therefore allowing a better resale value on your investment! Divine Mobile Detailing is focused on providing the best products to our customers and has no affiliation with any companies or retailers unlike many other detailers who sell products from certain suppliers which then locks them into the products offered by that supplier only, regardless of whether they are the right products for your car’s care.

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You have 2 Choices

Divine Detailing offer two paint protection products currently. Over the years we have used the likes of Modesta, Opti-Coat, Ceramic Pro, G Techniq and others and have found the two products we offer to be at the forfront of technology and quality.

Pomponazzi Paint Protection

Pomponazzi is an ultra premium product reserved for those wanting the absolute best you can use on your vehicle, boat, or PWC.

Many glass coatings and protections in the market are the same or similar to each other just renamed, Pomponazzi is NOT. Pomponazzi is in fact so unique it has a Patent Pending and uses a unique process that to my years of knowledge is the only of it kind to create the perfect gloss and finish for your vehicle.

Pomponazzi is fast becoming known amongst car collectors, clubs and exotic car owners as the go to for protecting their investments.

Most coatings measure 1-3 micron in thickness, but due to the process used for Pomponazzi we are able to achieve and verify between 12 and 20 micron depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and other various factors. This means you get a thicker coating for more protection, more gloss, and an even better finish than otherwise would be available.


Pomponazzi 880-xx

880-xx is the flagship product of the Poomponazzi brand, created to offer unrivaled gloss, slickness, and durability. It has a chemical resistance against liquids and chemicals between pH 2 and pH 13 meaning etching from bird dropings and other liquids are a thing of the past.

It also features a high temperature resistance spectrum of -30 to 250 degrees Celsius, so regardless winter or summer, hot or cold it will be working just as good as always.

This premium product comes with a 7 year warranty assuring you, your pride and joy will be protected for years to come.


Pomponazzi 880-x

880-x was formulated to reduce cost without as minimal effect on performance as possible. With the same heat ratings as the flagship “xx” and pH resistance range, the main difference is thickness of the coating and lifetime expectancy.

At about 80% of the thickness from 880-xx this is still a top coating better than most others seen on the market today at a more affordable price.

This product comes with a 5 Year warranty instead of the 7 Year warranty seen on the 880-XX

2016 Maserati Ghibli
BMW F80 M3 Jahre
Imola Red F82 BMW M4
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Pomponazzi 880-XX

All vehicles sizes: $1988

This includes paint, wheels, windows, lights, door jams, and interior hard surfaces


Pomponazzi 880-X

Small Vehicle (Mini Cooper): $988

Medium Vehicle (Mercedes GLA): $1188

Large Vehicle (BMW 5 Series): $1388

Extra Large Vehicle (BMW 7 Series/ Landcruiser): $1588

This includes paint, wheels, windows, lights, door jams, and interior hard surfaces

The Pomponazzi Advantage

At Pomponazzi we’re all about the surface. Specifically, those beautifully glossy exteriors on cars, yachts & aircraft’s.
Why? Because our goal is simply to engineer the world’s best surface care products, products based on real science, innovative materials and total ease of use.
Products that deliver maximum long term visual impact. Products that protect not only against the elements, but the ravages of time, the impact of the daily grind.

The thinking behind Pomponazzi

Pomponazzi Australia controls the distribution and application of the Pomponazzi Quartz Glass Coating products throughout the Oceania region. We facilitate the entire process from training applicators worldwide to apply our product, the sale of Pomponazzi products, applying Pomponazzi, educating consumers on the benefits of Pomponazzi and everything else in between.

For example, we designed our revolutionary non-destructive polish to deliver a truly flawless mirror finish on delicate auto and yacht paints.

Our inspiration was the technology behind the fabrication of huge yet flawless parabolic mirrors, without which the world’s largest astronomical telescopes could not produce sharp images from deep space, and our nano-engineered deep gloss surface coatings look great for the long term yet require only minimal cleaning and upkeep.

But great lab science is not enough
All Pomponazzi products are driven by Design since 2002.  But that’s actually not enough.

With backgrounds in the physical sciences and decades in the performance coatings industry, we know just how often great performance in ideal lab conditions translates to simply poor or mediocre performance in the real world.

For that reason we test all Pomponazzi products extensively, both in the lab and across the globe.  In all weathers and in extreme climates. We test ourselves, and we ask our global partners, resellers and independent labs to do the same.

Lab tests include the paint and coatings industry standard simulated UV and weather exposure in QUV chambers.

But in our opinion these are about as far from real world conditions as it’s possible to get, where extreme temperatures, humidity and pollution combined with local habits are as much a factor in how surfaces endure over time as simple UV exposure.

So we go much further, with real world testing in both accelerated and real time, often in extreme climates and conditions, such as those found deep in the Arizona desert or on a downtown roof top in highly polluted areas.


01. What is vehicle paint protection?

Vehicle paint protection, simply put, is a protective layer placed on the exterior of your car that protects the paint from the normal wear and tear caused by excessive dirt and debris, UV light and other environmental factors and harsh chemical cleaners.

02. Why should I get paint protection for my car?

Your car is a major investment. It’s important that you take care of it to retain its value; and that means not only taking care of the engine and other mechanical parts, but taking care of the look of your car as well. Protecting your car’s paint is one of the easiest ways to maintain that fresh off the lot look. By protecting your car’s paint from the start, you can avoid costly repair and restoration work down the line. Not only that, but a high quality paint protection coat give your vehicle a shiny, waterproof coat that looks simply stunning.

03. Should I get paint protection from the dealership?

No. While car dealerships do offer paint protection services to keep your car looking new, the products and techniques they use are substandard and can actually harm your car’s durable new coat of paint. It’s best to take your car to a specialized paint protection service provider, like Divine Mobile Detailing, for a superior quality of product and application.

04. What is our process?

A common misconception with paint protection is that it is only for new cars, this is wrong, the only difference between a new and old vehicle is the older vehicle will most likely require more paint correction work prior to applying paint protection.
We start by giving the car surfaces a thorough wash and decontamination to remove any organic or ferrous materials on or in the surface that could affect the paint protection bonding or adversely affect the final result. Once this is done we do an in-depth visual inspection for any imperfections such as; marring, scratches, swirls, spider webbing etc. If these are present we complete a paint correction process to remove the imperfections.

Once this is finished we follow with an alcohol wipe down and second inspection, this is to remove any waxes, oils etc from the surface to allow full and proper adhesion of the paint protection to the surface. This is when we now carefully apply a coat of paint protection to the vehicles surface.

Paint Protection Misconceptions

Harder isn’t always better!
What you say?, but a harder product will resist scratches better….well yes and no. We will explain why, but please remember this is on a very minuscule scale of particles we are talking about. Vehicle panels flex and warp constantly on a tiny scale as you drive around, they are also constantly expanding and shrinking in the hot and cold weather.

Now many coatings say they are rated at 9H hardness? Titanium Carbide is a product which is 9H rated. Do you think those coatings are truly that hard? Didn’t think so.
Now let’s say they were, how can your panels expand and shrink or flex once they are applied?  Either one of two things would happen.
1)    They won’t be allowed to shrink or expand…. doubtful
2)    The coatings applied would deteriorate, crack or become damaged on a microscopic level making it useless
22PLE has done years of research and testing and found what they believe to be the ultimate in protection whilst still allowing the product to be flexible and tough enough to last and protect as the consumer expects.

Nano is a fad and misused

Nano is a word that has become fashionable and over-used especially in the paint protection industry, I mean see this quote from Wikipedia. “… The new name, “nanoparticle,” had become fashionable…” Nano particles cannot be used by the general public without huge health implications.
Here are some excerpts from on the health effects of Nano particles:

“In living systems, they may immediately adsorb onto their surface some of the large molecules they encounter as they enter the tissues and fluids of the body.” So from that we can see that if we were to try and use a Nano product it would immediately absorb into our skin and blood stream which would lead to health issues or possible death depending on what the particle was. “…nanoparticles do not degrade or dissolve readily. Instead, they may accumulate in biological systems and persist for a long time, which makes such nanoparticles of particular concern.”

They are even banned from use in the EU and US except under extreme regulation due to these issues. So now let’s ask ourselves, how can detailers be running around using this “Nano paint protection” daily with no ill effects or regulation?

Lifetime Warranty

We occasionally receive queries about a lifetime warranties. There is no way any company or detailer can guarantee a product will stay on your car for life. Companies that do, will more often than not leave clauses for avoiding honouring these agreements in the fine print. This is why Divine Mobile Detailing offers the warranties above. Our promise to you is that should an issue ever arise, our warranties will be honoured, provided there is no clear misuse or treatment previous.


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