Concrete Removal

A common issue around construction sites is Concrete splatter. Concrete being poured can generate giant amounts of splatter which can travel in heavy winds or travel off the sides of high rise buildings in the work of construction. If the concrete is not removed from an effected surface it will cure within 30 minutes which causes it to bond. Lots of people have tried to remove the concrete splatter themselves & caused more serious destroy to their vehicle.

Divine Mobile Detailing are fully experienced at removing concrete from most surfaces. We have removed concrete splatter from building, glass, Automobiles & lots of more types of surfaces. We can do all works onsite & they work together with the construction company easing any tensions between them & the automobile owner it may be causing. In the case of an insurance claim they can help with the processing since they work together with most major insurance firms.

We have found over the 100′s of vehicle they have worked on that not only do we remove the concrete splatter safely the vehicle looks better then it’s in years this is because they always detail the outside afterwards.

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Concrete removal in 4 easy steps:

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2016 Maserati Ghibli
BMW F80 M3 Jahre
Imola Red F82 BMW M4
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01. Will removing concrete damage my paint?

No. We use chemicals and processes that will remove the concrete safely and without damaging your vehicle surfaces.

02. Can you remove concrete from windows and rubbers?

Yes. We the same process on windows and rubbers as we do paint and safely remove concrete from all surfaces.
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