Boat and Marine Detailing

Whether you have a small fishing boat, a high performance PWC or a commercial or private luxury yacht Divine Mobile Detailing can restore or maintain its finish.

Most boats are kept outside in the harsh sun and weather causing your boats finish to deteriorate at an accelerated speed from contaminants and UV rays.

Divine Mobile Detailing has been providing Melbourne boat owners the opportunity to improve and protect your boat or yachts’ finish keeping it looking new all the time.

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Marine detailing in 4 easy steps:

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Divine Mobile Detailing is a leading specialist in the marine and boat detailing industry regularly attending to the needs of boat owners and PWC owners of all sizes and ages.
As well as the occasional complete detail and paint correction/ cut and polish, we can also provide regular maintenance keeping your vessel in prime condition for all who board it.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Cockpit and cabin cleaning
  • Plastic windbreak cleaning and polishing to remove marring and swirls
  • Cleaning of fenders
  • Paint correction/ cut and polish of vessel including interior surfaces if required
  • Treatment of wood surfaces
  • Removal of water stains and etching
  • Application of exterior protection to protect against future etching and water marks
2016 Maserati Ghibli
BMW F80 M3 Jahre
Imola Red F82 BMW M4
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

01. Can you remove stains from gel coat?

Yes, we can remove oxidization and stains from gel coat and fibreglass boats.

02. Can you fix cloudy and oxidized boats?

Yes, this can be fixed via polishing and correcting the surface to restore clarity and gloss to the finish.

03. Can you treat timbers on boats?

Yes, we have products to feed the timbers and protect them from drying out and discolouring.
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